• Starting with a mirror image (updated photograph) that we all use ultimately to check how well our exercise plans are working. Members can change their mirror image in the luxury of their home if they wish.
  • A comprehensive fitness assessment is undertaken at your facility to give your member a starting point and a benchmark that can be used for future comparisons identifying strong and weak fitness areas. Subsequent fitness assessments are recorded and displayed as multiple assessment graphs.
  • Short, medium and long-term goals are agreed and a realistic time period is given to achieve them. Clients can add the completed date when moving on to their next goal. Contingency plans will be on stand by if it looks like goals are not going to be met.
  • Interactive cardio and resistance exercise plans - these plans are constructed by your personal trainer to monitor and re-programme for essential continuous progress. Exercise re-programming (exercises and sets/repetitions) is flagged up for each member depending on start date using a traffic light system in the administration area ensuring no one is forgotten. Exercise programmes can be printed and used in the gym whilst working out and added to the on-line exercise plan at the end of each week at the member’s convenience.
  • In addition to these your members’ private profiles will contain documents that can be printed including a diet truth diary and their Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire (PARQ).

Updating your interactive programme



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