Interactive Fitness Manager

Fitness clubs are often looking for something new to offer their members in order to have the edge in club decision making or to use as a great retention tool.

Interactive Fitness Manager (IFM) is designed to eliminate the common obstacles to achieving healthy retention levels, proactive staff and satisfied customers. It can often seem like an up hill struggle to achieve these goals through limited direction, accessibility, visibility and trackability of your members and their fitness goals. IFM resolves this with a wide range of features and benefits for both your members and your club.

Monitoring with the IFM administration workstation provides staff with access to members' fitness profiles where they can open and view client portraits, objectives, progress, medical conditions and amend details. Essential client/student knowledge equips staff with coherent infomation to make informed communication via pre loaded e-mail. Staff have the option to grant members with access to their personal fitness profile which is password protected or suspend access. IFM is a tangible tool linked to your club, something with your club’s stamp on that your member’s can use, show friends and work colleagues which will help to leverage your club/s profile attracting new members.

Members can use the IFM to monitor their progress including tracking their goals, fitness assessments and exercise plans.

IFM is an optional service for your members designed to complement your fitness club, using the latest Internet technology. Each exercise plan can be designed and dedicated to the equipment your club has to offer, headed with your club logo.

Confidentiality is secure with access only by entering a user name and password. Members can view and use their fitness profiles at the gym, home, work or on holiday, therefore your club will always be in the forefront of their minds and encourage them to stay with the club.

For the first time clients can have the luxury of having access to their fitness profile and being guided online whilst still being able to workout with others in a real fitness club.

Here are some screenshots of the IFM:


In the Beginning My Goals My Assessments
In the beginning... My Goals My Assessments
My Exercise Plans  BMI calculator  PARQ Questionnaire
My Exercise plans BMI PARQ Assessment Questionnaire



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